Preparing your Dog for Spring

27th Aug 2021|Dog Health|Safety

Spring is around the corner! This means that the days will get longer, we can walk our dogs more, be outside and play for longer. Warmer weather and flowers blooming can bring some seasonal issues for our pets such as pests and allergies so here are a few ideas on getting our fur babies ready for the Spring months ahead.


Warmer months brings on shedding which you will find in the house, car and everywhere else your pooch is! Bathing and brushing regularly will help rid the loose excess hair and keep your house cleaner and your fur baby happier. Take your dog to a Groomer for the works or get a mobile groomer come to your home and give your dog a spring clean!


Spring grass, flowering plants and trees can all cause allergies in your pet just like it can with us. Symptoms of allergies could be scratching, licking, chewing, hair loss, rashes, weepy eyes, red paws, swellings and even smelly skin.

Pay special attention to what’s in your garden and areas where you take your dog for walks. Some gardens can harbour plants that can cause irritation or even be poisonous to our pets. These plants may only flower or berry once a year but it might be those parts of the plant that can cause allergies to your dog. Identify what plants you have in your garden and check if they are dangerous to your dog.

Buzzing insects can attract your dog’s attention and if bitten may cause a nasty allergic reaction. If you notice unusual swelling on your dog or have seen your pooch stung, seek Veterinarian advice as the severity can differ from dog to dog and you want to avoid any further complications.

Tick, Fleas and Worms

These pests love the warmer weather so make sure that your pet is up to date with preventative control and if in tick areas, do regular tick searches as these parasites can be harmful. Buy yourself a tick twister so you can remove ticks immediately if you find one. Warm months also bring out mosquitos and their bite on your dog can spread heart worm so make sure that they are covered for this along with your other worming routine for roundworm, hookworm and tapeworms. Talk to your Vet about prevention of these nasties.

Lawn and Garden Care

Spring is when we love getting back out into the garden and getting our lawn and plants healthy and rejuvenated after the cold winter. We must be very careful of the chemicals that we use on our grass and plants as they can be toxic to our pets. Herbicides, fertilisers and insecticides are generally poisonous to our pets so please make sure you read the instructions carefully and take note of the recommended waiting time before allowing your pets back outside on the grass and in the garden.

Spring Cleaning in the House

The warmer weather and longer days gets us inspired to spring clean the house but think about what harsh chemicals you may be using which could be dangerous to your fur babies. Make sure that your pets are out of the way when you are cleaning and to air the house after using chemicals so when your pets enter the home again, all fumes and chemical smells have gone.

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